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Should I take the GRE? Princeton MPA


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Hi folks,

I've been in the Azerbaijani foreign service for more than 7 years. I'm planing to go back to the college in fall 2017. And, one of the
programs that I'm currently considering to apply is 2 years MPA of the Princeton WWS.

I've taken GRE with that purpose. My score has been 161 V (87%), 160 Q (80%)
and 3.5 AW. My time management during AW part of the exam was poor, and I couldn't proofread the second essay, tbh. Having reviewed the average GRE scores of admitted students for that program in the last 3 years, I have a sense that AW part of my GRE score is lagging behind.

I know that the Princeton as many other universities doesn't have a minimum GRE score for admission. What do you think of my chances of admission with the current GRE scores? Since the admission
process is very competitive, personally I'm leaning toward the opinion that I should retake GRE.  I would appreciate any advice on that. Thank you in advance for taking your time and sharing your thoughts.

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Hi Kamil,

Training to score at a higher level on the GRE, and then scoring at a higher level, can make a big difference to your overall application (and the cost is relatively low compared to the value of the Degree). Thus, if you think that you should retake the GRE to strengthen your application, then you probably should. A Q160/V161 is a strong performance, but if you can pick up even a few points in each section, the increase could help to get you into your first-choice School.

1) What application deadline(s) are you facing?

2) What resources did you use when you studied for the GRE the first time?

GRE Masters aren't born, they're made,


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