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Programs that may fund?


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My current profile is: 

MA in Economics (USA) :  3.67 GPA
Undergrad from South Asia: 3.01
GRE : 88% Quantitative 84% verbal and 4.5 AWA
Owner of a startup - running strong for three years. 
I have around 3-4 years of work experience in the UN. I also run a small business on the side. In the future i'm looking towards running my own social enterprise ventures (either related to health/nutrition or education). I've already gotten admitted into the Kennedy school - the MPA2 - (deferred admission) and i'm hoping that something works out with funding. It really is my dream school and i don't think that any other program offers the same sort of flexibility that it does.
But if it doesn't then I would ideally want to go to a program that has certain courses on management.  Ideally the place should fund. The maximum that I can possibly spend is 30k on tuition plus living. Time also presents a significant constraint and I would be able to take a year out - possibly two - if the program is really good. 
The main reason why I want to get out and do another degree is to take a break from the monotony that has set in with work and also to expose myself to new ideas and views. I think the open ended nature of the MPA2 was the perfect fit for my profile and I don't think that there's any other program that allows you that flexibility and exposure. So to be honest i'm not really that focused on the particulars of the programs , future employ ability or even that bothered about the "type" of program. I think that anything related to health, management, policy, psychology or a program that allows for an interdisciplinary approach would be useful. I can see them all feeding into my future entrepreneurial plans (one way or another)
I will probably, after this, go back to working in the same sector (back home) so future employ-ability doesn't really make much difference. 
Suggestions are welcome!
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HKS is stingy with scholarship money, and I would not recommend getting six figures in debt for a degree that does not directly affect your career unless you are independently wealthy.  WWS has tons of funding, and you may be able to get some full scholarships at lower-ranked schools.  You might want to consider IR programs as well.

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Yeah exactly. Thats why i'm looking at alternate programs. To be really honest if I get even half the tuition waved off at Kennedy I will still go there. Let's see how the fellowships play out. 

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At Yale they are pushing to fund all new students from next year onwards. Don't know whether it will happen but they are trying; so it will be like WWS. For now, most of my class is funded to a considerable extent, many are fully funded.

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