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How closely should writing samples mirror research proposals?


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As I prepare to submit my first applications in one weeks time (ah, so soon! D:), I'm in the process of finalizing the documents I hope to send along to the AdComms. 


I have found myself in a bit of a dilemma, however:

I have one paper that is closely related to the project that I have proposed in my SOP, and received a very high mark in the Master's course I wrote it for. 

I have another which is less related to my topic directly, but is still part of my broader subfield (Comparative Politics).


While the first paper would seem the obvious choice to send out, as I reread it, I think it might have more substantial editing required before it is a polished sample. The second is probably a better paper-- though as it does not directly relate to my research proposal, would that work against me?

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