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Profile evaluation required for PhD in bioinformatics (URGENT)


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I know I am very late in posting here but any help will be appreciated.

Institution: DY Patil University (not well known, India), Masters- Indian Institute of Information Technology- Hyderabad (reputed school, India)
Major(s): Undergrad- Bioinformatics, Masters-Bioinformatics 
GPA in Major: 
Overall GPA: Undergrad- 3.0/4.0,  Grad- 3.3/4.0
Position in Class: no idea
Type of Student: International Male 

GRE Scores (revised/old version):
Q: 159 
V: 150
W: 2.5 

TOEFL - 87 (planning to reappear)

Research Experience: 

August 2014 to Nov 2014: Internship at a Pharma company where my project was applying   machine learning methods  for text analytics.

May 2014 to August 2014 - Interned at a genomics company and worked on a project to Analyse mutation data using different machine learning classifier

July 2013 to April 2014:- Masters thesis exploring methods for sequence prediction.

From Jan 2012  to June 2012 - Undergrad  thesis at TATA institute of cancer research, India (renowned)  on drug docking and modelling 

From Dec 2010  to Jan 2011-  project on In-silco drug discovery at a research company in Bangalore.

poster presentation at 3 national conferences.

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: 

Work experience at well known Pharma company (1 year) 

I am working on a research  project which includes applying IRE, NLP  and ML techniques on digital  media data to gain deeper insights.

Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Won 2 and 3 prize at technical paper presentation  held by other colleges

Special Bonus Points: 

2 strong recommendations (one from advisor  and one form current manager). One medium recommendation from one professor.

Publications: None

Applying to Where:


· IUB - School of Informatics and computing


· USC comp biology

· scripps research institute

· Georgia tech bioinformatics

· University of Virginia- School of medicine

· ut southwestern medical school


Please provide your input regarding the choice of universities. Also  suggest  other university I should look at.

Thanks in advance 

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Did you apply??? You can improve your profile in GRE and TOEFL and apply....ull surely get in top schools...best of luck

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well, I think you should improve your GRE and TOEFL test scores first. Because the admission requirements of the institutes you applied are pretty strict. Also if possible, I think you could try to publish some scientific papers to improve your chance to getting admitted.

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I'm going to be honest, your application is not strong enough for a lot of American universities. Because most international students aren't eligible for a majority of government-sponsored grants, schools are stricter on who they take. You need to raise your GRE score, especially the writing, and your TOEFL. I would also do research for at least another year and show you can work on a project long term, as with the exception of your Master's and pharmaceutical job, all of your research projects have been less than 6 months long. 

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