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Status check on recommendations (Indiana University)


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Hey, there.

Does anyone know how to check on the status of recommendation requests on IU's system?
All other graduate schools provided links or pages where I can send reminders, but there was no notification mail or anything after I submitted my app for IU.
(I cannot check on whether they received my test scores and transcripts either, IU's system is so inconvenient....)

The deadline is Dec 1st and no reply to my e-mail so far...

I would really appreciate it if anyone could advise on this matter.

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I'm applying to a different department at IU than you (School of Informatics and Computing), but I'm quite sure it operates all under the same system. If that's the case, there's no way to check the status of anything other than the application has been submitted. It's extremely inconvenient. I was told to e-mail my LoR writers before the deadline to make sure they wrote them, as that was the only way to get verification.

Good luck!



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