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I have no personal experience, but I have a friend who was accepted and chose to attend a different school. Her main issue (which is confirmed by their website) is that they seem to place very regionally, and at fairly low-tier schools and institutions. For whatever reason the program does not much national recognition. So if you really want to stay in the south it might be a good fit - if not, I'd look elsewhere. 

Looking at their website, they only offer 3-4 grad seminars a semester, which honestly is not ideal. They do seem to be heavily geared towards medieval/early modern though, so that's good for you. However - I have to give *major* side-eye to their ZERO non-western offerings. It looks like they have specialists in andean archeology and african art, but they haven't taught classes the last two years.. Medieval and early modern are rapidly becoming cross-cultural disciplines, and you will have difficulty on the job market if you can't show that you're taking part in those conversations. Ideally you'd want to be able to take classes in Islamic and transatlantic topics. 


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