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Should I retake GRE? (Finance)


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I study Finance with a minor in Mathematics at a top 20 globally ranked University in Canada and I have a 3.75 CGPA and a 4.0 GPA in my math minor with some research background and awards. I took the GRE today and I was really surprised to score so low in quant, I got 160Q and 157V. Considering that I was averaging 165 in quant in all of my practice tests, I don't really know what went wrong. 

I was wondering if this would be enough for me to get into the MSc Finance and Economics in LSE. I'm confident that the rest of my application would be more than good enough to warrant admission; what I'm really worried about is that whether the low quant score would disqualify my application from the initial pools or I would just get flat out rejected because of it regardless of how good is the rest of my application. 

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Hi Hitnake,

Considering your Major and your focus on Finance, the Q160 might not impress the Admissions Officers at LSE. Thankfully, many Program's websites offer information about class statistics, so that you can get a better sense of how you compare to typical students currently attending that Program. It might be that you would benefit from retaking the GRE, but you have to decide whether that's worth it or not.

1) What is the application deadline for LSE?

2) What resources did you use when you originally studied for the GRE?

GRE Masters aren't born, they're made,


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