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Any SFSU MSW Applicants Out There?


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I am applying to a handful of MSW programs, one being San Francisco State.  I have a question for anyone who may be able to give me some information on their Statement of Purpose instructions.  The instructions they have on the website are worded in a confusing way (of maybe I'm overthinking it). I've copy and pasted their prompt below so you can try and understand what they are requiring...   Do you know if they'd like you to answer the questions briefly "In the space provided" (as they indicate), as well as submit a 3 page statement of purpose?  Also, does anyone know if you they want to questions to be answered in Q&A format?  Or as an essay?  I have completed a statement of purpose that answers all the questions they ask, but I'm not sure if they want it in essay form or Q&A form.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  And I have indeed tried to contact their MSW office, and have not been able to reach them via phone--and my e-mails have not been returned :(  Thank you in advance! And good luck to everyone embarking on this crazy, hectic journey!  

In the following space provided, please address the following topics with this application form, and address the following areas (Essays A-D should not exceed a total of 3 pages typed, double spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins):

A. Educational Objectives – Please describe the educational and career objectives that motivated you to apply to the MSW program. Relate these objectives to your personal experiences and life goals (One page MAX).


B. Professional Motivation – Discuss any environmental or personal obstacles that you have had to overcome in life. How have your efforts to overcome these obstacles influenced your decision to enter the field of social work? Please describe your personal knowledge of and/or identification with, or, experience with a specific disadvantaged community (One page MAX)


C. Work/Volunteer Experience – Discuss any experiences you have had in providing services to, or working with, a specific disadvantaged group or community. Please describe your professional knowledge of and/or identification with, or, experience with a specific disadvantaged community (One page MAX).

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