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I couldn't find any information pertaining to my particular case. 

My freshman year, I attended a satellite school of a large state school. I received a 3.53 at the end of the year. The following year, I transferred to the main campus. After 2 years at the main campus I graduated with a 3.0. My question: will my GPA be considered as a 3.0 since my official transcript does not take into account my first year at the satellite school?

Or do I ask each individual college I apply to? I graduated in 3 years, and I would think it's unfair if they don't take into account my freshman GPA. 

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You should definitely ask each department/program you are applying to. Some programs ask for not only your cumulative GPA but also your major GPA and/or your upper division GPA (last 60 credit hours taken).

I assume you will have to submit the transcripts from both the satellite school and the main campus as part of your application.

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