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Chances of me getting in?


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Hey guys I have submitted most of my applications now, and am panicking every single day... Can any of you take a look at my application stats and get an estimation of me getting in/interview? 

International female 

School: UIUC

Major: MCB and Psych double major, minor in Chem. 

GPA: 3.4 (overall),  MCB major: 3.36,  Psyc: 3.46

GRE: Verbal: 160(85%) Quan: 167(94%) Writing: 3.0(15%) (Took this freshmen year before I took any analytical writing classes)

Research experience: 2 years in a neuroscience lab, no publications, working on a senior project. (I would want to have a longer research experience, but this is only my third year in collage, joined lab at the start of spring semester of Freshmen year) 

Honors: Psyc department distinction. 

Programs I am applying: 


Northwestern-Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program (NUIN)

UW Seattle-MCB



UC Irvine-Interdepartmental Neuroscience

U of Utah-Neuroscience

Boston U-Neuroscience

Texas A&M-Neuroscience




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