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Physician Assistant Programs for Out of Field Applicants?


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I have been studying Speech Pathology & Audiology and will earn a bachelor's in the field.  I'm applying to graduate school, but I'm starting to realize I would prefer to do something more medical.  I have tons of biology credit and some physics, but I have never taken a chemistry class.  This disqualifies me from applying to every program I've researched.  I'm also afraid that my GRE scores aren't high enough.  They're good enough for my field, but I haven't taken a math class since junior year of high school so I'm at a disadvantage there.  Does anyone have any recommendations for me?

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I am in the same boat! I did my undergrad in Speech Pathology but I want to do PA for my Master's but then that means another year or two of taking classes and getting direct clinical contact hours! I am not sure what to do! On top of that, I doubt I will even get into graduate school for speech sighhhhh

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