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Will a low quant GRE make it hard to "justify funding"??


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So I am having a mini heart attack right now after finding out that apparently even if all other aspects of my application may be considered strong by the Psychology department or POI(s), it may be difficult to justify funding for me as an applicant if GRE score is low. Thus, leading to a rejection. Is this really the case? Can anyone attest to this from experience or otherwise?

Quant is substantially low (below 50%), while Verbal is 92%....I am still working on submitting apps, however, after reading several posts on here claiming that GRE matters a lot for funding and could be the single-handed reason that an applicant gets denied, I am starting to worry....

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I mean, it depends. The GRE is primarily used as a screening mechanism so there is a chance you won't get reviewed if you don't meet the score cutoff for a particular program :/ Below 50% is on the low side for top psych programs (how low are we talking? a 48% is different than 38%), but it won't necessarily be the kiss of death for all programs; especially if there are other parts of your app that show you can handle quantitative research. This can be in the form of good grades in math/statistics, or corroborated experience working within quantitative research. 

I know the GRE can be used as a way to compete for things like school-wide fellowships but I suspect this will depend on the school. 

As an anecdotal example, I applied to a few programs last year with a 48% in Q and got an interview at a top 30 (private) school (my V was 90% percentile).

Basically, it'll definitely depend on the rest of you app and the school, but at this stage you can't worry too much! :)

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I actually ended up having an opportunity to attend the school I interviewed at but the lab ended up going in a direction that I wasn't interested in (long story). Basically, it wasn't the GRE for that program. For the others; one was a neuroscience umbrella program which said my GRE was too low, the others I'm not sure :/

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On 12/8/2015 at 9:10 PM, Gvh said:

@Three Bucks Two Bags PhD, FWIW, if you've reached the interview stage, it's unlikely the GRE will be a continuing factor in your admission - they are looking for personality and fit at that point!

Agree with this! However, a low GRE score may affect your chances to get certain types of funding. I'm ineligible for the university wide fellowship funding at my university but I was still funded through my professor's graduate student line (which coincidentally is the same finding as the fellowship). 

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