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Pairing MBA with MPP Chances


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Plan is to work for consulting firms working that have a department that works for the public sector (economic development). I'm going to apply to joint degree programs at Duke (Sanford and Fuqua), Michigan (Ford and Ross) and Georgetown (McCourt and McDonough).

I will apply to other MPP schools, but I am not sure how strong my chances are for MBA programs.


University: Large Public University in the South

Major: Biology

GPA: 3.0-ish

GRE: 154 V / 161 Q / 4.0 AW

Work Experience: Undergraduate Research Assistant and 2 years Peace Corps (Economic Development)

Do I have a chance at the aforementioned programs?

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You've picked very strong MBA programs.  The GRE doesn't always compare well to the GMAT - have you considered taking it?  How is it starting to look?  I bombed the GMAT, but had solid work experience, a high GPA, and was applied to a lower profile dual program.

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