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how much do grades still matter after you've submitted all your grad school apps


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Hi everyone, 

So I recently submitted all my grad school apps and I was wondering how much my grades this semester matter ? I know that I should still maintain reasonable grades until or even after I am admitted, but will withdrawals affect my admissions status (if I am really admitted)? The reason I'm asking is because I am thinking about withdrawing from my research training class (not because I don't want to do the work but simply because of changes in research interests and the recently found possibility of switching to a research lab at another institution). I am hesitant about actually doing this because as a first year graduate student, this is a mandatory course and my withdrawal from this course may be a warning sign to grad school adcomms. Assuming that I can actually switch to another research group and drop out entirely from my current school to focus on doing research there next semester AND withdraw from research training this semester, will this be viewed unfavorably by grad schools ? I am not sure what I should do now but I am really hoping that being forced to stay in a lab whose research interest do not fit mine isn't my only option..

Any thoughts would be highly appreciated !

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I know that they won't get it now but what I meant was if I am admitted and they ask me for my final transcript (which would include my grades for this semester and even the following semester), would it look bad if I withdrew from research training next semester. All the schools I am applying to require that I submit official final transcripts in the event that I am admitted, which is why I am concerned.



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