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Developmental Psychology Application Questions


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I was hoping someone could give me an opinion on whether I would be a competitive candidate for a developmental or developmental psychopathology PhD program. I'm especially interested in U Vanderbilt's program, where they have a lab focusing on developmental disabilities. I don't plan to apply until next year, but there wasn't a forum for that yet. 


I did apply for the same programs in 2008, the year I got my BA, but I wasn't admitted. 



The good:


I have my bachelor's in psychology, with a 3.94 GPA and wrote an Honors thesis with original research in developmental psych. I also had biological research experience before that, and was the research assistant for a professor in a summer project in another country. I also did an internship at a youth treatment facility during another summer. After my bachelor's, I worked for a large hospital as a research assistant for 3 years and got my master's in special education (3.96 GPA). I have taught for a large school district for 4 years, in special education. I know I could get very supportive letters of recommendation from any of these experiences.


The bad:


I've never been published. I have been out of school for 6 years now. I need to retake the GRE (but I am not too nervous about getting a good score).



Can anyone give me an honest opinion about my chances here? I'm afraid my lack of recent research experience and published work will be a detriment. Also, is there anything I could do to improve my chances?


I would appreciate any feedback.

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