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SOP review for a masters in counseling. Appreciate everyones input. thanks

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1. Why GSU?

2. What experiences have brought you to the field you are interested in?

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years in the field?

4. What knowledge/expertise/skills do you bring to the profession?


My interest in counseling grows out of my own experiences with emotional distress. My own mental distress has forced me to take time to listen to other people instead of passing quick judgment.  The interaction between people and society is so complex that we often use mental shortcuts instead of taking the time to understand and comprehend someone’s struggles. Our own struggles can be so deep as to be practically invisible to the outside world yet we tend to confabulate depression with laziness. We blame individuals for their lack of strength or their lack of resilience but forget that those who live with mental distress are the some of the strongest people in our society. I have worked hard to learn how understanding someone before judging them trying to find a cause instead of just labeling someone. I find great satisfaction in knowing that I might be able to help someone when they are struggling instead of causing more harm.


In 5 years I see myself as having completed PhD in psychology. I want to have a broad understanding of mental health combining practical counseling work with analytical research training. I also hope to have spent quite a bit of time working in private and hospital practice. I expect that in 5 years I will have helped many disadvantages people to have access to quality care. I also hope to use to my counseling abilities to work with NGOs to advise on policy measures that could help them be more successful. Ultimately I hope to share my skills with others to advanced towards a more socially responsible and equitable society.


I believe my own experience with mental health is something that strongly contributes to understanding of the counseling profession. I have struggled to find quality mental care that is accessible. It is not only a matter of money but also of finding someone who is really willing to care for their clients. I think this experience will help me be a better counselor knowing about the difficulties in finding good care. I have worked with several organizations particularly in Queer settings and with impoverished individuals to empower them to take care of them own mental health journey. I love research and learning new skills that I can go out and share with others. It brings me tremendous joy to see when someone finally get a new concept or when they have a realization about the nature of their own concerns.


One of the counselors that has personally influenced me the most is a GSU graduate. GSU’s focus on practical skills and high academic rigor make it the perfect place for someone interested in working with people and being a part of social change. GSU has proven itself to be a leader in the southeast with regards to counseling with its top quality research and many successful graduates. GSU is known to be a competitive program with graduates that excel in the counseling profession. It would be a great honor to graduate from GSU and continue to spread its good name across the world.

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I know that psychology is a particularly distinct field, so I should really probably avoid giving any advice about it at all. At the same time, I have read this, it's interesting, is routinely recommended by others on the academic, and you might find it helpful.


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