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Can any Canadians help me out? My chances based on grades for soc/crim programs?


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Hi, will try to keep this quick.


Applying to Brock, Windsor and Guelph for criminology and Sociology.


My final two years full time average is an 80% on the dot. From what I understand, these schools only look at these grades. 


Any thoughts on my chances based on grades? I know there are other parts to the app, but I am concerned on where my grades leave me. They seem to be slightly above what is suggests but hardly. Not sure where that actually leaves me in terms of chances. 



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There really are a lot of other factors. I mean, my undergrad GPA was just above A- (which is around 85%) but I didn't get into a grad program based on that. It was, without question, my research experience. 

I don't know a ton about those schools though. 

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