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SOP for a school you've previously attended?

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So, two of the schools that I'm applying at are ones that I've attended for graduate and undergraduate studies. I figure that I need to have a more personalized statement, but I'm wondering whether it should just be tailoring "that one paragraph that mentions specific professors" or if I should be rewriting the thing to be more specific to the school. 

But, on the other hand, how seriously would they take a SOP if they knew the student well? I know I have to put the effort in for the application, but I'm wondering if it's worth spending the extra time rewriting my SOP if they might pay less attention to it. 

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If you are really interested in these programs, I think you should definitely take the time to be more specific. Seems to me like it could reflect badly if your SOP is seen as generic for a school you actually went to, and therefore should have plenty to say about.

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