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USF University of South Florida MFA


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If you are looking for a really good under the radar funded program check out USF in Tampa.


Conceptual, Abstract, figurative and and interdisciplinary artists are welcome. This is not a conservative school.  Faculty come from SAIC, Hunter College, Bard, Cornell, etc. and are actively practicing and showing artists.

You study directly one on one with the professors of your choice each year. There are required courses in Contemporary Thought/Theory and Art History electives. The program is pretty rigorous and you are expected to produce alot of work.

The program is three years in length. In second and third year there are opportunities to teach.

The student body is quite diverse in background and age. About 10-12 students in each year, 30-36 students total. Students come from all over the US and international students are welcome.(international students are also eligible for funding)

Tampa is four hours drive away from Art Basel Miami and the other fairs in December. The school has a bus trip in December if you don't want to drive down on your own.  Several faculty members, students and alumni have shown there.

New York is a convenient 2.5 hour flight. Grads visit New York twice in their second year as part of the program.

You can study abroad in Paris or London in summer.

The school has a strong visiting artist/artist talk program: examples of recent visits Alex Soth, Zach Harris, Rashawn Griffin, Nicole Eisenman, Jules de Balincourt, Yamini Nayar, Tony Tasset and more. Grads can sign up for 45 minute one on one studio visits depending on availability of the visiting artist.

There is a Contemporary Art Museum on campus CAM and Graphicstudio which has hosted many well known international artists.

I am currently attending (want to remain anonymous though) and can say that I would not be doing the work I am doing now had I not attended this program.

Tampa is an interesting place!

Here are some prior threads with comments on USF University of South Florida


All the best in your applications.





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