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I'm sure something like this has been asked before, but this is my dilemma. I have a school that is due January 1 for all application materials, meaning they don't need our fall transcripts right away. My other deadlines are January 15 and Feb 1, and they do want my Fall grades. I want to do professional transcript entry for the school that does not require Fall grades, but I am nervous I will not be able to manually enter my Fall grades in time for January 15 deadlines.

I even emailed the January 1 department and they said they want our transcripts without Fall grades, but all my other schools want Fall grades, some of the deadlines being January 15. I am not sure what to do ? I was planning on requesting transcripts without Fall grades and then again transcripts with Fall (I already requested for transcripts but to wait until Fall, and I'm about to request without Fall grades now before grades are due), but I want to use my professional transcript entry (which I already paid for). 

Anybody in this situation? The school due January 1 is not one I am really wanting to go to, but it is a back up. The January 15 ones are much more important, so if my Fall grades do not get sent, I do not know what I would do. I guess I'm asking if I am able to manually edit my Fall grades before January 15th

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