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International student seeking help. Posting here as a last resort

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I recently finished my first quarter exam and scored a GPA of 2.75. My GPA can never go below 3.0 since it causes a problem with my student visa status. This has been my first year studying in USA and I had to struggle a bit during first few months. I have been put on a hold by the committee and they have requested me to respond with an explanation of the cause of the low performance and how I will improve my grades here on out. I have worked extremely hard in the past quarter but still got a sub-par grades. I need some help on replying the officer with a convincing answer. If I don't do it ASAP, I'm in deep trouble. And no, I don't have any disease, or taken part in any extracurricular. I earnestly hope that someone would help me with this. :unsure::(

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