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  1. What was your GPA and GRE scores? How many programs are you applying to, including master's? What do our want to study in your program? Are your LOR writers giving you strong recommendations?
  2. It doesn't matter if you were a volunteer. It doesn't matter if you have to work to support yourself. It doesn't matter what others are doing or what they told you. What matters is you need to step up and be a productive member of a team and not quit. You need to take responsibility for your own life.
  3. I would suggest utilizing the student counseling services on your campus and learn how address your interests and struggles in a constructive manner.
  4. Drop the mindset that courses will make you more competitive. You take the courses you need, and learn other skills on the side. Taking 4-5 extra courses. plus auditing a couple of others, is insane. What does your advisor have to say about this?
  5. OP, you have an entire career ahead of you. Are you taking classes next year, too? Were the 3-4 extra courses on too of your normal courseload? As others have pointed out, you haven't gone about coursework or TAing in an efficient manner. I'm a bit shocked that you are even taking a full slate of classes in your sixth semester. Taking classes distracts from your research at this stage. You need to focus on qualifying exams/papers and then the dissertation.
  6. With those stats, you should have been able to get into a top 30 program. Maybe the SOP and LORs need strengthening? Did you use the term "political economics" in your SOP. The subfield is political economy, and is usually referred to as international political economy if you with to mesh IR with economics.
  7. What type of institution do you want to teach at? Look at which schools where faculty in your target departments went. I assume Indiana is funding you. I'd say stick with the program for a year or two, because you might not get offers next year. Always better to have a funded offer in hand than nothing.
  8. I noticed MA students at Syracuse can either get university fellowships or a tuition waiver. Guessing the waiver is more common. Also think Syracuse is an outlier in offering fellowships to master's students, since that would be a pretty good deal to not have any service requirements.
  9. Wake Forest's deadline was set by that program. Programs are free to set their own deadlines regarding when to send out offers. The April 15 resolution only applies to when students have to accept funding offers.
  10. Fully funded means you don't pay tuition and you get a fellowship or 20-hour-per-week assistantship. As for Rutger's promising great research opportunities, take that with a grain of salt. Dont take out $100k in loans for a master's. You'd have to take out private loans, which is a bad idea.
  11. People really need to understand the April 15 deadline only applies to replying to funding offers. Programs are under no obligation to make decisions before April 15.
  12. No one can give you an answer, since admissions committees vary each year and members of a committee vary in which aspects of a file matter more. Your best bet is to try for master's programs, and aim for middle-ranked programs,
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