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  1. I'm really pissed and also frustrated that I haven't got a single response from these univs (TAMU College Station and UMD College Park) wrt to my application status - for Phd in Aerospace Fall 2016 . I mailed the grad advising at TAMU and the graduate program director at UMD of Aero dept two times, but no replies. Is it too late to expect anything anyway?
  2. Thanks. My issue is that there's been no word of funding from the dept. Anyway, then I mail them sending the initial part of the form + passport scan (as they have asked for in the form), and without filling up the funding info section? And in the mail tell them I'll send in financial documents after the admission decision, and that I cannot provide for education from my home country/sponsors?
  3. I received an email from Virginia Tech and they sent me an immigration form to fill up. It has a funding info section and I'm not sure what to fill in it. This is how they responded when I mailed them about not confirmed about funding sources : " Good morning! During the admissions process applicants who indicate that they wish to be considered for funding are considered for financial support from the AOE Department in the form of graduate teaching assistantships, graduate research assistantships, and fellowships if their application is submitted by the deadline for admission with fundin
  4. Waiting for results from UMD College Park, TAMU College Station, Virginia Tech for Aerospace Engineering PhD. So the only response I got was from VTech, who sent me an immigration form to fill up. But having no information about whether I had admission or funding from the university, I can't fill up the "Funding Info" section. I asked them if I could fill it up after the admit decision, but they didn't give any direct answer. And I haven't heard anything from TAMU or UMD. I don't know why it's taking so long, though! For McGill (Mech Eng. Masters Thesis) I expect the results to be out
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