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    Law & society; wrongful convictions; prosecutors; legal decision-making; indigent defense; plea bargaining; capital punishment; white collar crime.
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    2018 Fall
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    Criminal Justice / Law & Society

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  1. saltyseathings

    2018 App Cycle

    Just got my American University decision via e-mail: accepted, fully funded for 4 years. I don't think anyone on this board has mentioned them as a target school, but just in case there are lurkers I thought I would let you guys know
  2. saltyseathings

    2018 App Cycle

    Hey all, Just wanted to keep the ball rolling and drop a note to say that I got an acceptance letter from Albany on 1/8... The offer letter came a few days later, and it was very generous. The letter specifically said I was admitted because my interests are a good fit within the department ("wrongful convictions, legal decision-making, survey methods"). I'm a second year master's student at American, and I only applied to Albany and AU's PhD programs. My faculty advisor at AU is on the admissions committee, and he said that they won't even begin reviewing applications until early February. I hope this helps - good luck to everyone!

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