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Left a (small) section out of my CV when applying this cycle - should I try and fix it?


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Hi all,

I'm applying during the fall 2016 cycle, and I just submitted my applications a week ago. Unfortunately, I was looking over my CV today and I realized that I left out a (short) section about my TAing experience. I mentioned being a TA in my statements of purpose, though. Should I email my schools and send them a fixed copy of my CV, or am I overreacting?


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I think you're overreacting.  There's no firm rule on what has to be on a CV and you mentioned your TA experience in your SOP.  Maybe the admissions committee will think you chose to put that in your SOP to give it more attention than a quick blurb in a sea of other blurbs on your CV.  If you get invited to interviews just bring a couple of copies of your updated CV in case anyone asks and you'll be fine.

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