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Which UMass for painting?


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I am applying to MFA programs for painting.  Among them I have been looking at UMass

I have seen UMass Dartmouth talked about here a good bit, but I had always thought of UMass Amherst as the main campus.  

What are people's thoughts on these two UMass campuses?


Thanks a lot.

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Boston University and MassArt are the ones I looked at for Painting, definitely apply to those. I know UM Dartmouth has a big newer art complex and UM Amherst is currently restructuring their entire Art program as well. If you are sticking with state schools for cost, make sure you add BU, it is in the national top twenty for Painting, none of the other schools are, and tuition when I was there was $1,000 less than MassArt, plus better studios and scholarships.

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Great advice, thanks a lot.  I had not even thought to look at BU before, but now I think i will apply there.

I am not worried about being in Massachusetts, I am just focused on a good painting program that I can afford (preferably with a TA position and stipend)

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