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  1. AARhus, Denmark-Accepted University of Copenhagen-Accepted Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts-Accepted
  2. A thread to post about progress in post graduate admissions for PhD Fine Art programs. Post here listing the school, if you applied/plan to, had an interview (add date), received an acceptance/rejection (add date). AARhus-Denmark Oxford-UK PhD Arts/Leiden-Netherlands Royal College of Art-UK, PhD Fine Art, Accepted 1/15
  3. I was just admitted to Royal College of Art for their PhD, seems funding for US students is slim in the UK. I'm trying to find something too, if you get other links, please post again http://ec.europa.eu/research/mariecurieactions/
  4. Let me know how it goes with BU, good luck!
  5. Painter1

    PDF Portfolio

    If you drop the images into PPT, Pages, Word, or Keynote you can then add all inventory data in text easily, after that, export to PDF as a finished file. If it is already in PDF, you can add text, no need for Photoshop. Open the PDF, top right corner of the file, click fill&sign, then a menu opens, click add text. You can type anywhere you point your cursor.
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qWCmafgtAJ7376ojOBZhznks0vhn_gjdDiRhCIgzRww/edit#gid=0
  7. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qWCmafgtAJ7376ojOBZhznks0vhn_gjdDiRhCIgzRww/edit#gid=0
  8. Interviews: what to expect, ideas about the presentations, q&a, decisions accepted/not, funding etc
  9. Boston University and MassArt are the ones I looked at for Painting, definitely apply to those. I know UM Dartmouth has a big newer art complex and UM Amherst is currently restructuring their entire Art program as well. If you are sticking with state schools for cost, make sure you add BU, it is in the national top twenty for Painting, none of the other schools are, and tuition when I was there was $1,000 less than MassArt, plus better studios and scholarships.
  10. Might be of interest https://www.academia.edu/3010183/Theorizing_Visual_Studies_part_one
  11. That program is very much interested in gender and sexuality studies as it relates to visual studies, Jonathan Katz the Director, is internationally known for his research and curatorial work in this area. He is great and very responsive to questions, I recommend you email him directly, I did and he called me back on the phone (amazing) as well as emailed me, very kind of him. My interests ultimately were not a match as I am looking for a practice based artistic research program and theirs is too small to accommodate that. You might also look at Harvard (if you are into film), MIT (if you are
  12. Worth it to go and meet people face to face. During a visit you will likely be nowhere near anyone with anything to do with admissions i.e. the Professors and you will likely get no individual feedback on your work. It was fascinating to be able to see their responses to my work. I recommend bringing 8x10 printed photos, people feel real joy being able to hold something in the real world in their hands vs a digital interface. I did this in another context and it worked great. I printed them out on HP premium photo photo paper at home. If you have a top school find reasons to write and meet t
  13. Accepted, interview, rejected? Any relevant news.
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