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  1. Yes I called apparently GRE did not matter for them. Grad division deals with it but not the dept so it did not affect how my application was reviewed. That being said, pretty sure if you already had an interview since I was not asked I will be rejected in time. Unless they do another round of interviews later in a second wave. I think it is an excellent option if you do get in and congrats for getting an interview! you probably have a good chance of being accepted but I dont know what their admissions process is.
  2. Has anyone heard back from UC Irvine? It is the saddest thing but I looked yesterday to check my status and apparently I somehow forgot to send them my GRE scores so I'm actually not sure if my application will even be processed!! In any case I am planning to call them tomorrow to ask but has anyone been accepted or rejected yet?
  3. CORE program in Houston but not a traditional MFA. Anyone hear good/bad things about it?
  4. So for Rutgers and Irvine I'm rejected if no interview right?
  5. yes good point, just that non traditional art history paths might be more interesting in terms of content and being able in incorporate other neighboring fields into research ie psychology, comp lit, philosophy... also get overwhelmed by the options with art history phd as I am not sure how comp├ętitive they are, haven't done much research in terms of top programs etc. beyond princeton and columbia
  6. does that mean if we heard nothing we are rejected? havent heard anything
  7. Has anyone heard from Northwestern or know when they will be accepting/rejecting?
  8. I am interested in a PhD that is not strictly Art History but that is something more like UCI's Visual Studies/ UCSD's Art Practice PhD. Can anyone recommend similar programs? I am also open to applying to (funded) programs that are combined MA/PhD programs in Art History. I don't have as strong a background in art history but have an art practice and a background in philosophy/theory and some art history so could benefit from that type of program, if you have heard of programs of this nature, besides UPenn and UMinnesota? I am currently in an MA program in aesthetics/politics. Thoughts from graduates/students in the programs mentioned appreciated. Suggestions welcome, thank you.
  9. Thanks for suggestions. Yeah I may just visit and talk to some students and see if I would really want to go anyways. Is anyone interested in looking at each others statements of purpose? If you already have one drafted...? PM me.
  10. To those who replied I appreciate it. I have 5 new works, maybe six...so about 1/3 of the portfolio images are different. I would also have different references and will rewrite my statement of intent. Still not sure though
  11. Thoughts on reapplying to schools after rejection? I was rejected from UCLA and UCSD two times and am considering reapplying this year. Do you think there is something in my application that doesn't fit with the schools and I should invest energy elsewhere? I would go if I was accepted to either school but am also trying to narrow my list and know there are other great programs. Trying to consolidate my list..
  12. itscontents


    Hey, what do you know about Stadelschule? Pls share thoughts and info. Is it possible to teach in US/Europe after with the degree (because it is not a typical/official Master)?
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