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SOP swap - MA in Anthropology, but I'll swap with anyone

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I'm looking to swap SOPs with someone AGAIN. This one is for an MA in Anthropology. I've had quite a few people look at different iterations of it for other schools, but I'd like to get a look at this one since the length requirements are a lot more liberal than most of my other ones. This school is also the most fit for my research interests even though it's just a masters, so I want it to be as good as possible. The department page specifies that there is no set length requirement, but that statements should generally be limited to 2-3 SINGLE spaced pages. I'm at around 2 pages and 1,150 words, but I feel like it's a bit long. I include everything that the guidelines recommend, but I do wonder if it could be a little more concise (but don't read through it looking to shorten it - if it seems fine, then I am okay with that). A few particular questions: 1) should I talk a little bit more about how my prospective advisor's research interests align with mine and their projects? and 2) are paragraphs 4-6 a little too elaborate or are they ok? In regards to paragraph 6, I'd like to point out that my prospective advisor told me that they look for students who have extensive international travel experience.

And just as a few side notes: I am aware that my prospective research interests are rather narrow, but it is what I want to do and this particular professor is ideal for my research interests. I do try to broaden my interests a bit and include another professor, but this is a relatively new field, so there aren't a whole lot of people working in it. However, I have spoken with this person beforehand and they are accepting students for the upcoming year

Send me a PM and I'll send you the Google Docs link. I'll gladly critique yours, as well. I'll give you a very thorough overview, but just give me a few details about the program's SOP guidelines (if there are any). Thanks! :)

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