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Stressed, please help


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I have been worried about something for quite some time. Is there anyway to make up for a moderate GPA? my cumulative GPA 3.01, and my major GPA is 3.52. My masters GPA is MA-3.59 and MS-3.75

My GRE Is 153 V- 149-Q 4.5 W, I have a learning disability, but I have 5 years a research, a national award, 2 papers (1st and 2nd author), and good letters.

Please reply, my last 2-3 posts were completely ignored and I literally spent a hour writing them...

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That's probably because no one here can tell you whether or not you'll get in anywhere since we aren't on the adcoms of the programs you're applying to. Your research experience, publications, and strong recommendation letters should provide strong evidence of your research ability and potential to the admissions committees. But, there's really nothing else you can do at this time, especially since you've already applied. You'll just have to wait and see what happens. Good luck on your applications!

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