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Two bachelor degrees; two master degrees?


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I am currently doing two bachelor degrees at an European university. My first degree is in economics and the second in philosophy. I only started my second degree in my second year at university therefore I will graduate in this degree one year later.
The structure looks like this:
Year 1: Economics
Year 2: Economics and philosophy
Year 3: Finish economics; continue philosophy
Year 4: Finish philosophy
I figured out that I can handle two programs at the same time well and therefore I am thinking about doing an economics related master degree during my fourth year. In this case I would graduate with two bachelor and one master degree after four years. 
However I always wanted to study at one of the top universities in the US. My question is how my chances of getting accepted change if I already have one master degree. Will it have an influence at all? Unfortunately I cannot really find any information about this. 
Thank you all for your help. 

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Thanks for your reply. 
Yes I would like to do both masters in economics. However I would choose different masters. Like one in health economics and the other one in in something more finance related (just an example). 
But yes I already thought it might be to repetitive. 

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It doesn't have to be repetitive. If you can justify it for yourself, it's perfectly fine to do 2 masters. But I would wait until after you've finished your first so that you are better able to make up your mind WHY you want to do it. There are lots of reasons, you feel there is a gap in your knowledge; the 2 programs complement each other or work cumulatively; you are aiming at a specific career and the 2nd master would place you ahead of the competition, etc etc. All these are good reasons, you just have to find your own.

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