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U of Louisville and U of Tennessee-Knoxville


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I'm in the middle of writing up my SoPs for a few different MSW programs. The two programs I haven't heard much about that I'm applying to are University of Louisville and University of Tennessee Knoxville. Has anyone else applied to the online programs for either of those schools? Is anyone currently attending either? I'd love to hear how the programs are, what your stats were when applying, really any info at all :)

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I'm attending the University of Tennessee. I'm graduating from the online MSSW program in May. Overall I would say the program is good. You take the same classes and have the same professors as students at the Nashville campus, not the Knoxville campus. You do the same assignments, but you do online discussion boards instead of going to class. Most classes have a few live online sessions a semester. The website claims you have to go to campus once a semester, but you don't.

My field placements have been good and I'm in the same agencies as the on campus Knoxville students because I live in the Knoxville area. I'm not worried about employment. No one has questioned my doing my degree online (I'm sure the fact the school has a B&M helps).

I graduated a Tennessee university with a decent GPA. I did pretty well on the GRE although my quantitative was a little low. I'm a Tennessee resident. I had about 2 years of social work experience after undergrad.



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