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Gradschool Interviews for AuD


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I have only applied to one AuD program and I have been offered an interview for which the date is approaching quickly. Does anybody know what type of questions would be asked?

My gpa isnt the strongest, however I have more than 18 months of experience as an audiology assistant and I am registered as an HIS in Pennsylvania. Being that I have only applied to one program, Im extremely worried about messing up this interview! My essay already went over why I want to be an audiologist and what my strategies are to successfully complete the rigorous program. I wonder if they might ask me this again at the interview?

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Was this for Salus? (I'm guessing because they are one of the few schools that does rolling admission). How was the interview?  I'm kind of in the same boat. My GPA isn't the strongest but my GRE scores and rec letters are pretty good and I've done a lot of shadowing and observation. I have an interview coming up and I'm just kind of curious what they could possibly ask because like you said, the essay already talks about your motivation for pursing audiology.  

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It was not for Salus, however I did interview at Salus afterward and was accepted! The interview at Salus was one-on-one with a faculty member and it was pretty relaxed. I was very nervous but they were very nice about it!

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