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8 minutes ago, CornUltimatum said:

Wow! That'a a huge improvement, it gives me hope. 


Do you mind me asking what resources you used to study? I was using Magoosh, but I noted there were several kinds of problems on the GRE concerning the quantitative portion that it did not include - it seems like an incomplete tool. Also anything that can help me disect how the test is set up would be immensely helpful. 


I haven't begun jumping into studying for a restest yet since I'm doing some other things at the moment, but I'll be revisiting this thread again down the road.  

I used Cracking the GRE with 4 Practice Tests, 2016 Edition (Graduate School Test Preparation) and the Manhattan review flash cards. I also borrowed one of my friend's Manhattan review material for a bit and found it very helpful. 

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Relevant to earlier discussion concerning usage of GRE schools and predicting graduate sucess is this article I recently came across:


"A standard test for admission to graduate school misses potential winners, say Casey Miller and Keivan Stassun."


It's worth a read!

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