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Help Please- Master's in Petroleum Engineering


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Hey guys, 

I really need your help.

I want to do a MS in Petroleum Engineering and I'm concerned about the universities I have selected. So I'm going to put down my profile and you guys let me know about the universities I have selected. Whether they are all overly ambitious and which ones you think I have a chance of getting into.

I did my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering from India. 

GPA: 3.0- 3.1

GRE: 315 ( Q:163, V:152)

TOEFL : 112

I have an above average Statement of Purpose and letters of recommendation. 

I interned for a year at Thermax, which is a pretty good company.

I was a member of the college BAJA team as well. 

The universities I have shortlisted are

1) Texas A and m ( Dream University)

2) University of Oklahoma

3) Colorado School of Mines 

4) University of Tulsa

5) University of Houston

6) University of Kansas

7) Louisiana State 

8) Missouri University 

9) West Virginia University

10) University of Wyoming

Let me know what you guys think. Are these overly ambitious? And do I have a shot at Texas A and M?

Please do reply. Thank you :D

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