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Penn State application status help


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Hello all,

I applied for a Geoscience PhD at Penn State for the Fall 2016 session. I see no change in the graduate applicant portal status since I submitted my application. As far as I can tell, my application is complete and the status reads " The Graduate School has received your application" and prompts me to contact the relevant department for more information. It is likely alright and my worries are unfounded but the department, or more broadly the school of earth and mineral science at Penn State managed to lose two of my friends' applications a few years ago and they offered no apology or recourse. I have also managed to get exactly zero response from the department's grad coordinator in the past 3-4 months when I contacted him/her for various questions regarding the application process and my application status (This is after emails, phone calls, voicemails and messages left with the dept. front desk). I understand that they are swamped with emails and questions but, somehow, I find it hard to believe that they forgot to respond every time.

I've been having a great rapport with my POI here and am freaking out since I'm scared they might (have) manage(d) to lose my application, especially since there has been no change in status or acknowledgment of any form from the department.

So, I was wondering if any other Penn State Geoscience applicant here could tell me if their application status reads any different or if they managed to get any response whatsoever from the graduate admissions coordinator there.


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well, I am not a Geoscience applicant....I applied to the Materials and Engineering D.-I 've exactly the same problem with you....

My status has not changed since I applied.....and also the grad coordinator did not answer my e-mail....

So I guess-that they simply have more applications than they can possible handle....

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Hi!  Again, I've applied to a different department but my application status reads: 

"The initial phase of the admission process has been completed. Your application is now pending review by the program/plan of study admissions committee. Please be patient; you will be contacted by the program/plan of study directly when a decision has been made.

Questions should be directed to your intended program of study."


I am expecting that the funding decisions are not made until the start of this year so they may be waiting on funding before proceeding further, with a shortlist of applicants they want but just depending on advisor allocations or something.  Best of luck to you both!

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Called up the Graduate School directly and their enrollment services office and they said it's normal for it to read as such until reviews are completed and to contact the program directly if we have any queries. So, back to square one but I at least know that this is normal. That's a relief. Thank you both and good luck on your applications. :)

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hey, I applied to penn state phd with a focus on fault mechanics and stress analysis(sadly, I've had no contact with any POI). My application status is also the same as yours, so I think we don't have to worry there. Probably best to wait till feb first or second week before contacting them.

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