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Ottawa application process


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I think you are fine, especially if you called and confirmed that your documents have been received.

Since you confirmed with them, I think it is completely safe to assume that your completed application will be reviewed and will be considered for admission. If, however, you feel uncomfortable that the documents still read "not received" or "incomplete" (as I would), I suggest emailing them again and letting them know that you are particularly worried that your application status has not been updated.

In my experience, schools are usually very helpful when it comes to things like this.

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Thanks!  They never said the documents had been received, only that this isn't unusual at this stage of the game and that they're still processing paperwork.  They said to call back towards the end of the month if it still doesn't show it's updated.  Fortunately, everything they don't have is something that can be emailed, so I'm good with that! 

This waiting is so nerve-racking.

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I've been having the same worries! I mailed out some of my documents and using courier tracking I was able to confirm that they were delivered in December.  Yet they haven't updated my application either. I sent an email asking if my documents had been received, and I didn't get a very helpful response. Basically just said that it can take up to three work weeks for documents to be added to an account. Other schools that I e-mailed to confirm were able to let me know they had received them... so now I am totally stressing about whether or not they were received. I'm trying to not worry too much and hoping for the best! Good luck to you too!


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Oh good! I also just got this email: 

"Thank you for your message.
If you have submitted your admission supporting documents either by mail or in person, we require 20 working days (4 weeks),  following the reception of your documents, before they are electronically indexed to your file.
Please note that this delay will have no impact on your application file. Your documents will be postmarked with the date they were received rather than the date they were electronically indexed to your file."
So , at least the delay won't effect our applications! :)
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