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Library Science 2016

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2 hours ago, RoseRed said:

I am extremely conflicted. Clearly both are great programs and have a lot to offer. I have to decide by Thursday. I was granted a deadline extension from Pratt.

Any advice/comments would be much appreciated!

The biggest thing I'd consider is financial support. If both programs are equal, I'd probably go to UW.

UW is a great program, and it's in the area where you want to live. Also, the networking potential within regional professional organizations might prove invaluable. Pratt's internships sound pretty amazing, but are those internships going to help you get a job in an pacific northwest library? I don't know.

That's personally what I'd do, but I don't know if it's what you should do. You have to go where your gut tells you to go. :) Personally, I'm not sure if I could justify the insane cost of living in NYC unless I wanted to build the connections to get a job there. It's just so expensive.

My two cents.

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