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Everyone is getting decsions/interviews already


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One of my schools has replied to my inquiry on when to expect the results (mid-February - please, or please let them come on St Valentine's day!), but not whether there are interviews for international students... Somehow I think it's the busiest time of the year for them.

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Nothing for me yet either. I've been told final decisions should be made for one of my schools by early February, and another one has rolling admissions (and I applied like 3+ months before the final deadline) so I'm hoping to hear from them in February as well... fingers crossed :unsure:

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Nothing for me yet either. I wasn't expecting to realistically hear back until the second week of February, but seeing how (it seems) many people have heard SOMETHING back by now makes me feel nervous and on edge. I keep telling myself that "no news is good news", but it doesn't help me from wishing that a POI would contact me for an unofficial offer or something. :)

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