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Animation 2010


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hi, all

i'm looking to pursue a masters in animation for fall 2010 programs. i am highly confused as to which colleges to apply. i believe US is the most proactive place to be for animation, but is considering a course in UK wrong?

also, within the US itself, it is difficult to gauge the right colleges. i know of calarts and the academy of art university and intend to apply there, but would want to know of more institutes as well from people who have more knowledge than me.

also, instead of asking which is the best college for animation, i'd like to ask what is the strength or, in marketing terms, the usp's of the most popular colleges.

i hope to get help soon. unsure.gif



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First off, are you trying to do 2D or 3d animation?

I would look at CCAD, SCAD and Ringling. My preference goes to Ringling, Calarts, SCAD, and AAU in that order. I don't know much about CCAD, but I do know someone who goes there.

Other schools that come to mind would be Expression College, UCLA, and USC. Also check out schools in Canada: Vancouver Film School.

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