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Applying to Jobs While Waiting?


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Hi All-

I recently finished a temporary job and am living back at home until I make my next move. I am applying to one school but also applying for jobs. I wont know if I've gotten in to the school until probably mid March, but in the meantime, have had a few interviews for jobs. Should I be telling potential employers that I have a pending graduate school application (that I would leave the job for if I were accepted)? I hate the idea of rejecting a job offer for the chance that I'll get into school... 

Anyone else in the same position? Any advice? What is everyone else doing while they wait to hear back from schools?

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I wouldn't disclose this information to potential employers - I'm sure they'd rather hire someone they're positive will stick around. I would go to the interviews, answer their questions honestly, and just fail to disclose the information that you're applying to one grad school. It's not as if you're applying to 8! Then, on the chance that you do get in, you can weigh your options. I don't think there's anything unethical in this. 

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My policy is to always be transparent in situations like this. You don't want to potentially burn any bridges. I always let potential employers know if I have any imminent plans - moving, summer employment only, only can work for six months, ect. and as long as it's not some sort of mundane thing I've never had it hold me back before - on the contrary because I plan ahead I've even had them support me along certain paths. Communication is important, even impressive to employers. 

Let's say you get the job offer and begin working, and then get the graduate school offer and resign and go to graduate school after working there for four to six months, you could of potentially annoyed your employers for investing their time into training you for you to only up and leave a short while later. This can even lead to a bad reputation which can be hard to shake off - especially if the job is in your professional line of work. However if you are transparent from the start, they could even support you, possibly write you recommendations later, offer your job back later, and so forth. They would know how to work around your particular situation.

Would the jobs you apply to possibly benefit from your additional education? If so, pitch that. Say that it's highly possible you could come back to their company after graduating - then you may even have a job lined up post graduation! Who knows. 

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