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MPA/MPP Profile and Expectation Management


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I realize this board is flooded with these "TELL ME IF I CAN GO TO HARVARD" posts, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Anyways, I'm gearing up to start applying for a few MPA/MPP programs and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my application profile and whether or not I'm a viable candidate for the programs I intend to apply for.

Undergrad: 3.58 in Political Science: IR from UC San Diego, June 2009 (I'm not sure how much this matters, but I transferred from community college), I also took stats and Calc I/II (but got two C's in Calc)

GRE: Haven't taken it yet but I'm anticipating around a 1300 (mid 600V, mid-high 600Q)

Work Experience: Intern with a risk analysis in DC during my final quarter, intern with a local charter school as a tutor/mentor for ~2 years

LOR: I'm expecting good to middling letters of recommendation from faculty and internship supervisors

I intend to apply to:

Carnegie Mellon- MSPPM


American U- MPA


Maryland- MPP

Texas- MPA

Texas A&M- MPSA

U of Illinois Chicago- MPA

Pitt- MPA

I realize that I'm at a disadvantage due to my lack of work experience, however, my GPA/projected GRE scores are at or above average from the programs I intend to apply for. Do I have delusions of grandeur or I am a viable candidate for any of the above listed programs? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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