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Chances please to CA Schools: BS IE to MS EE


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Hi, I'm in unfamiliar and uncommon territory, so will appreciate any insights!

2011 graduate with a BS Industrial and Systems Engineering, 3.23/4.00. School is Top 10 ISE / Top 15 Undergrad Eng Overall.

158V/160Q GRE (Analytical TBD)

3 good recommendations

5 years work experience, 2.5 with Big 4 accounting firm as IT audit consultant, and 2.5 with Top 5 defense contractor as an industrial engineer

I'm looking at applying to California schools (in-state) to pursue a Master's in Electrical Engineering...

What kind of chances do I have (in no particular order) with:

All UC's (UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UCB, UCI, UCR, UCSC, and any I've missed)

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.




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You might want to take the GRE again. Those scores are pretty average and I don't see you having an easy time getting into the 'better' UC schools (UCLA, UCB, UCSD, UCSB) with a 160Q. 

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