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If you're not sure of the gender of the person you're talking to, it is ok to simply begin an email with "Hello." I have received an inordinate amount of emails this cycle addressed to "Sir" and it makes you look silly. 

Also, what's up with the Sir/Ma I get a lot of? Why not Sir/Ma'am? Is Ma commonly used in some countries?

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31 minutes ago, thingii said:

I usually say "To whom it may concern" if I don't know who I'm addressing

I think it's too formal for an email, but it's better than being too informal! I like GradSecretary's suggestion of "Hello" and that's what I usually use when I email a complete stranger. 

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I work at the library in my school. When I have to send e-mails to patrons, we cannot say "to whom it may concern" because we know who it concerns (the "it" being a fine, an overdue item, etc). So, we type "Hello FirstName LastName,". It is not my favourite salutation, but it saves us from not knowing how to greet. 

I hope this helps!

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