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Experimental Psychology.. abandon hope at this point?


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Hi, I applied to a few PhD experimental psychology programs this year. I thought I'd be a strong candidate for all, although had a slight mix up with some application materials. Nevertheless I was told my applications were considered in full. However, the interview dates/weekends have apparently passed and I have heard nothing, nada.. it's just crickets.  Is it safe to assume the worst at this point?

Has anyone ever heard of anyone receiving some late interview request or acceptance after all of the official interviews seem to have taken place? Would they ever accept someone without an interview?

I'd like permission to abandon all hope. Thanks.

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Do you want the sugar-coated version or the real version?

Sugar-Coated:  You're fine, they probably just forgot to send you the email or you're on a wait-list.

Real:  You're either flat out rejected OR you're a 3rd/4th string candidate in the department.  This means they aren't going to bother with an interview with you until they absolutely have to...and the chances of everyone else rejecting the offer is pretty low.  As much as it sucks, I'd move on.

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