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I got the admission email, but I am not sure about the way it was formatted


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Hi everyone,

I just got an "admission" email from Indiana University but the way it was formated was a bit obscure.

The first paragraph goes: "it's my pleasure to inform you that I  have recommended to the Global & International Studies School that you be admitted to study toward the PhD program in International Studies in the fall semester 2016-17. Although it is still subject to the final approval from the Dean's Office, I am confident that this offer of graduate admission will be endorsed by the School"

Then at the end it goes: "We congratulate you and wish you every success in your graduate career. Please let us know if you still intend to enroll for the fall semester." Also, they included information about my initial advisor. 

I emailed the department's coordinator, but I haven't received any reply back yet. Could you please explain it to me? Is that an informal admission? 

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No, it's not an informal admission. It's the department saying you're in, pending final review of your file by the Dean's Office. It's rare that the Dean's Office doesn't go along with the  department's recommendation, which is why this step is considered a formality by most.

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Congratulations! I have heard the same thing, that the Grad Office does the formality, but the department is the one that makes the call. IU! I am hoping to get in there for a doctoral program in Health Behavior. Let's stay in touch! 

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