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You should email the faculty. I went to Indiana U for undergrad, and I know that they offer GA positions.

There are a number of useless courses I used to take to boost my GPA, and these were like, "how to manage time wisely", etc.

Any graduate students could apply for teaching these courses. Indiana's GA position includes full-tuition waiver+10~20K stipend.

I'm not so familiar with Indiana's faculty of education, but I'm sure they have their own faculty GA positions as well. Indiana U has a sizable teacher education program and I'm sure they use PhD students as GA, especially in curriculum studies.

When I was a music student at Indiana, I remember that elementary teacher candidates were getting taught by music education masters and PhD students. If you don't land on these faculty of Ed GA positions, there are campus-wide GA positions as well, teaching useless EDUC-XXX courses that I mentioned previously. Try to email the faculty and maybe even get in touch with current students. Congrats on your acceptance--I really like the university. 

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