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"Program Admission Recommendation"


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I, like most others here, am "waiting it out". At the end of November 2015, I applied to a clinical-community psychology (PhD) program for the Fall 2016 semester. Initially, the online application check status portal showed the application status as "Submitted" and the application decision as "Decision Pending". It remained that way until last week when the application status changed to "Program Admission Recommendation Submitted to Graduate School" although the application decision remained "Decision Pending".

After searching the forum here, I have found that this likely means I've been recommended by the department to the graduate school. Considering what my "application status" says, is that correct to assume and can anyone give me some input about it? I haven't received any e-mails, phone calls, or snail mail yet. What is the likelihood that I will be accepted for admission after a departmental recommendation? My GRE score was slightly lower than what is minimally required by the department, however, the graduate school itself has no minimum requirement for GPA, GRE scores, etc. for graduate students. Talk to me, please! I'm stressed. >.<

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It means the department has approved of your admission to their program, and now it's the graduate school's decision. Most likely, if you meet general requirements to receive funding, and funds are available, they will admit you.

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Just to update everyone, I was denied admission this morning. It sounds like a "program admission recommendation" can also be a negative status in which the department recommends the student NOT be admitted to the program. I am slightly disappointed, but not too much. :P

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