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Interview (Calm My Nerves)



Like all of us, I am eagerly awaiting decisions back from the schools I've applied to. Next week, I have an interview at my top choice school. I know what kind of questions to expect (Research interests, why here, what are you goals, etc)...but the things is, I've already answered these questions when I visited the school earlier in the application process.  I met one of the faculty members (who I hope will be my advisor!) during a school visit (sat in on a class, took a tour and then spoke to the professor afterwards for about an hr). She grilled me on all these questions already, which I wasn't expecting but in retrospect, I totally should have.  In any case, I sort of rambled my way through my nervous, half-thought out responses. Since then, I've submitted my application and now I've been invited to interview. 


So, to calm my nerves, this must be a good sign right? One of the main people who is making the decision has already met me and heard these answers, reviewed my application and now they've invited me back? 

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It sounds to me you're doing alright, it is defintely a good sign. Go over all the relevant materials and do your best to prepare for the interview, and congratulations for being called!

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