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PowerScore for GRE prep?


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Has anyone ever taken a PowerScore class for test prep? I just got my scores and did well on verbal and writing (perfect score in writing, for whatever it's worth for a finance PhD program). I was going to take a full GRE prep class at my university but am leaning towards taking a prep course that only focuses on the math portion. Although I know there are very effective methods such as books, online resources, etcetera, I am definitely looking for the structure and discipline of an actual class. PowerScore has a live online quantitative course and was wondering if anyone here has had experience with these courses or the company in general.

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This isn't directly a response to your question, but I've taken free classes at Kaplan and used Magoosh for my GRE. I actually hadn't heard of PowerScore until just the few days before my test.

Kaplan provides a lot of extra stuff that if you utilize, probably will help you a lot. It looks like PowerScore is comparable but I didn't sign up for Kaplan. What I did like about the free class I took was the instructor made sure to have a lot of participation, making it an active learning process. They have free lessons every few weeks, so you can sign up and take a look. 

I chose Magoosh solely because of the price. They have a series of study plans with additional book recommendations, so assuming you buy them all, it's still the cheapest option. The lessons I took were great and I learned a lot of great tricks, but it is a passive action. The questions are quite hard, but come with lots of explanations. I loosely followed the three month plan (emphasis on the loose) and used the ETS official guides and the 5 lb of GRE Questions book from Manhattan. I wish I had spent more time doing problems (I maybe only spent about a month just doing questions) but I feel that I did as good as I could hope. 

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